Mission Statement


To exchange and promote business with members and support member businesses through information sharing. To support secondary business education in Ashtabula County encouraging and sustaining entrepreneurship.

The purposes of the Ashtabula County Business Exchange (known as AcBE) are

 A. To establish relationships with other business people who become members of the Organization by educating them about the product, service or profession each of us exclusively represents. Relationships generate word-of-mouth advertising and exchanges which offer the opportunity to do business with others who are in the market for our product or service.

 B. Promote secondary business education in the county through scholarships, mentorship programs, and information sharing.

 Vision Statement

The Vision of the Ashtabula County Business Exchange is to establish an Organization in Ashtabula County in which members with the highest ethics and standards represent every product, service or profession locally available. The membership will actively and consistently share quality exchanges to develop and generate business which enables the community to be viable, self-sustaining and offer excellent quality of life.